Extend CW’s Capabilities

CharacterWorks already provides many advanced features such as social media integration or advanced materials as part of the standard package.
We also offer several affordable options for meeting special requirements of our customers.

Dual Channel Output Option (Enables Second Output to TriCaster or others)

This option adds a second output channel to CW. For example, play background graphics or full-screen presentations in one channel and foreground graphics (crawls, lowerthirds, logos) in the other, and input both channels to your TriCaster or other switcher.

Both channels work simultaneously and independently and any combination of output devices is possible (two TriCaster channels, one TriCaster and one DeckLink, or two DeckLink channels).

video wall option
video wall option

The Videowall Option

Drive large screens with CW’s dynamic, attractive graphics rendered at huge resolutions.
Take advantage of the new HDMI output capability with nVidia Mosaic setups, or use the new videowall output device that handles division of the large virtual display into multiple Decklink output devices.
In addition, the new “View” abstraction makes it easy to manage playback in multiple parts of a very large display area.

TriCaster Remote
TriCaster Remote

TriCaster Remote Option (Remote TC Media Playback and Macro Execution Control)

None of the existing graphics solutions integrate with TriCaster as well as CharacterWorks does. TriCaster users can remotely play CharacterWorks graphics directly from the TriCaster UI, without touching the CharacterWorks UI at all.
For even more advanced integration, the Tricaster Remote Option allows remote triggering of TriCaster DDR media and Macro playback through the CharacterWorks UI. This way, you can simultaneously and seamlessly operate CharacterWorks graphics with TriCaster camera switching and media playback. Here is an excellent example of this option in action.

See our TriCaster page for more details and videos.

Playout Option

Extensions to the Automation Editor that facilitate linear broadcasts with video or graphics playback scheduling. Display clip information with CW graphics through the Playout Data Source.

Live Input Capture Option

With this option, live video and audio capture from BMD Decklink cards and NDI Sources can be used as input to CharacterWorks layers, though material/effect block Footage properties. Thanks to the flexible architecture of CharacterWorks, this means that live video and audio capture can be used anywhere an image or video file can be used, i.e. live video can be transformed in 3D just like a regular image layer, or have video effects applied to it.

CharacterWorks Designer (Enables save, output has watermark)

The Designer license is intended for artists and content creators, allowing them to work with CharacterWorks at a cost that is a fraction of the cost of the regular license. The difference with the regular license is that it watermarks the output, so it cannot be used for broadcast, but otherwise all base features are enabled.

CharacterWorks – ultra powerful, easy to use, Motion Graphics and Character Generator!

Everything you need to create excellent, beautiful graphics. Quickly. Without any coding skills.


User feedback is the primary driver of CharacterWorks development. Please let us know about your ideas and needs, using the form below.

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