CharacterWorks’ TriCaster Integration Features

CharacterWorks' Tricaster Integration Features

Drive CharacterWorks via TriCaster

TriCaster users may play and edit CharacterWorks graphics directly from the TriCaster User Interface. This video presents a small sampling of possible applications, ranging from the usual crawls and lower-thirds to more complex double-box setups.

NDI Output

NDI Output

Native NDI Output support has been added, including support for 4K resolutions. Thanks to NDI, CW can now interface with a wide range of broadcasting solutions, including NewTek IP Series, Vmix, Streamstar, WireCast, Xsplit Broadcaster.

Boost your LiveSets

Boost your LiveSets with help from CharacterWorks

CharacterWorks takes your NewTek TriCaster Livesets to a whole new level. This video demonstrates how CharacterWorks can improve TriCaster LiveSets.

NDI Live Input

NDI Live Input **

The Live Source Input option now supports NDI video sources (with alpha channel). Audio input is also supported for both NDI sources and Decklink capture cards.

TriCaster Remote Option

Custom Macro Execution on TriCaster *

With the TriCaster Remote Option*, CharacterWorks can remotely trigger TriCaster macros over the network.

Tricaster System Macro Execution with CW' Grid Controller

TriCaster System Macro Execution with CW’s Grid Controller *

CharacterWorks’ Grid Controller’s ability to remote control TriCaster functionality, makes live broadcasts easier for you!

TriCaster AutoPilot

TriCaster AutoPilot *

How about an “autopilot”, to handle your broadcasts, without any intervention from you?
An assistant to do whatever you want done on the TriCaster, 24/7, instead of you…
The combination of CharacterWorks’ Automation Editor and TriCaster Remote Option is exactly that!

Scheduling TriCaster DDR playback

Scheduling TriCaster DDR playback *

CharacterWorks can remotely import any media file on TriCaster DDR1 or DDR2, and schedule it for playback at any given date and time.

Become master of the DDRs with CharacterWorks’ TriCaster Option.

* requires TriCaster Remote Option.
** requires Live Input Capture Option .

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